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Four Beacons Trip 26/10


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Left the pinkenba boat ramp at about 6am to a calm day out on the bay. The plan was to head over to moreton with a SW pushing us out and returning with a NE in the arvo. We Manged to get a few livies of yakkas, pike, winter whiting and monster herring but that was pretty much as good as it got.

Dad got busted of by a suspected snapper due to his questionable rig :P and i got a absolutely massive run on my torium 20 with 50lb braid by a suspected cobia or huge mackeral. It screamed off about 15m of line under 6kg+ of drag before the eye of my hook cut through the dropper loop (40lb penn 10x). F#*% i was so pissed biggest fish of the year and the hook cuts the line??:angry:

Managed to hook up to another cod of about 50cm on the bait jig which ran me into a snag before being coaxed out and runnning again before straightening the hook. Never thought i was going to land it so i wasn't to dissapointed.

Pretty slow day other than that but it beats study.

We looked around for the supposed ledge that surrounds moreton but we couldn't find anything substantial.

**Does anyone have any hints on finding this ledge?

We've heard of the bulwer and cowan ledges but any info on where to find these would be appreciated.**


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i could be wrong, but im pretty sure the ledge around moreton is just the big ledge that lies about 50-100m from the shore.. its like clear shallow sandy bottom water then all of a sudden deep blue. But it runs pretty close to the island, were you looking further out from it?

when i was there last u could get within 10m casting to the edge on a low tide from the small wrecks next to where the barge drops you off.

could be wrong though...

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Google earth does what you want too mate.

Click the ruler icon then "path"

What you're on about sounds like the drop off, it's big and sudden. there's suppose to be a 2nd one further out, ut the first one is within casting range from the beach. If the sun is out, look for the sudden colour change. Visible a mile away

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