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coochin last night


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went up to coochin creek yesterday arfo,got there about 2.00 sat and had a stubbie while i waited to see what them bloody storms were doing...after a while i could see them skirting around us,so i thought id cast for some lives..one cast i had more than enough live mullet to last me a few hours..first bait to hit the water and with in minutes i got bites,second bait bang drag ripping out played him for a bit,nice jack about 46cms long..cast out again few more bits and i got a nice fat healthy bream bout 29 30 cms..had another cast with the net and got a nice big mullet,out he went on a 7/0 for a bully...waited for an hour or so and i was on,pulled in a bully just over a meter..waited another hour or so but didnt get anymore bites..so me and the missus packed up and went home...all in all had a very productive and enjoyable saturday arfo sucking on stubbies and catchin a few fish...wonder what the rich ppl were doing lol

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