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Baroon Pocket 26/10 Evening


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Well Ferg and I headed up to Baroon after lunch, aiming for an arvo / evening session with poppers. As we cruised along the Montville road, the dam looked a bit weird. When we got there it was bright green! The whole dam was just one big huge algae bloom, and it looked really bad.

We launched the boat, in to what was at least a 15 knot southerly (forcast was 10 knot NE'rly). The fishing was hard work, very windy, but also gusty and changed direction continually, so you could not get out of it at all.

The whole dam was thick with algae, and not so much as a follow little own a bite for 6 hours of fishing. We fished all the usual haunts for m\nix, then setup for the evening up in the eastern arm, the only place you had a hope of using a popper in the wind.

About an hour before dusk, the wind dropped away to leave perfect conditions, but we tried every surface lure known to man, not a touch. We did see 2 fish take insects off the surface in the 3 hours we cast poppers, but that was it.

Anyway the dam surrounds were as beutiful as ever, and the black swans were there as well, so it was still a great day. However we reckon we will give Baroon a miss until someone else reports a decent catch, thats four trips in a row for doughnuts now.






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A mate and I fished the dam sunday morning, nothing for about 3 hours of effort. Found a thermocline with some possible fish under it but no takers.

the dam just seemed dead.

Paddled out into the main basin to see if I could find some clear water, maybe another thermocline, in 20m of water, the bottom 10 was weed, all dead i am suspecting after pulling some up, black and stinky.

I have never seen it this bad, if i was a fish I would have certainly be making a b-line for that overflow.

real shame:( a far cry from it's hey day.


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rayke1938 wrote:

In the past it normally starts to fire around November when NPD goes off. Wonder how many fish went over the wall as it has had several overflows this Year.



Ray apparently thousands were found dead at the bottom of the overflow, lots would have survived and got through though might have to go chase them in OBi OBI and the mary :woohoo: :woohoo:


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