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Jarvis Walker Integra 3000G


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Hi Folks

Just a quick plug to Jarvis Walker 3000g;

I bought a JW Integra 3000G (5 bearing set up) from K Mart for #2 son some time back and spent a week on house boat where we left the rods on the deck, as you do.

The reel in question worked perfectly for the prior couple of days but the next morning the spool & crank wouldnt turn (btw the reel wasnt dunked in the drink) applied a bit of brute strength got it turning but not before decimating the anti reverse gear & a few teeth on the spool oscilitating gear. Stuffed that reel .... :( :(

Long story, the other day (2yrs later) found the reel the other day and tried to re incarnate it to no avail.

Got onto the JW site and over the course of a few days got found this contact point. Made a phone call to Brenton, who posted me, free of charge the broken pieces in no time flat.... sensational service!! :woohoo: :woohoo:

PS They may have been free given the reel is no longer in production, but all the same quality service. Only a $60-70 reel but all the same I dont need to replace it.

He did mention that credit card servcies were available should there be a fee.

The contact details;

Brenton Collo


Details as follows:

Anglers’ Central Service Centre

2/7 Circuit Drive

Hendon SA 5014

Ph: 08 8244 8790


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thats great job, yeah i know people always say that jarvis walker gear isn't great which is true, but they are decent for the price. And I've got good customer service too, had a drag cap replaced for free when i lost one before... hope they keep up the good work..

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I`ve found over the years that if you need help for parts,if you contact the Australian manufacturer of the reel etc,9/10 you get a replacement part free[if it`s a common fault,or newish reel, or if it`s wear and tear,the part cheaper and quicker than going through the point of sale if they don`t have parts.

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