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Canoeing C.I.W. 29th Oct 08


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Rayke and I headed off early this morning to Clear Island Waters (thanks Bretto;) ) to chase some of the bass and bream that frequent the area.

When I arrived at 5.10am Ray had allready had an early morning swim (just to test the temperature...certainly not cause he fell out of the canoe:ohmy: :lol: ).

There was lots of surface activity, but most all of it was mullet and gar...nothing was interested in our poppers or walking-dogs.

We started exploring some of the canals powered by the electric and trolling as we went. I had on a Jackall Chubby that to date had never caught me a fish, but I was confidant today was it's day...surely a huge bream or bass will scoff it...not long into our first run my rod loads up and I'm on.

Couldn't call the species from the fight, it felt a bit like a flatty, but not a bass or bream:huh:

After a short fight the $20.00 vigin lure claims it's first victim...a Tandanus (eel tail catfish):silly: . It was a first on lure for me and a positive if unexpected start.

The next 5 hours or so was spent flogging weed edges with hundreds of casts and trolling the dropoffs.

We finished the day with 2 fish each, Ray scored two nice Bass, one casting plugs at the edges and one on the troll. I got one little bass casting a small stumpjumper towards the shallows in a sandy bay.

Athough I have now got plenty of bass on lures this was my first bass caught casting plugs so another tick on the list:)

Many thanks to Ray for the invite, it was a beaut morning to be on the water and the area certainly warrants further investigation.

[img size=336]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/CIW_29_Oct_08_001.jpg


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This is the X craft ready to tip me out. I thought that I would be smart and mounted a swivel seat on a milk crate as every time that I use the canoe I am extremely uncomfortable as I sit very low and my knees sieze up.

Big Mistake using the swivel seat.

I launched early and thought that I would have a trial run before Rocket arrives.

I had the motor mounted too low and turned around to the right 9 opposite the side with the outrigger and A over T I go no injuries just wounded dignity :blush: and a wet mobile phone.

Luckily the canoe stayed upright.

Ended up in around 10 feet of water and as I dog paddled to the canoe my splashing just pushed it furthur away. Managed to grab it and dog paddled into shore.

Had a spare pair of undies and shorts in car so there I was in the middle of the park in the nuddy drying myself off and in drives this car. luckily it was Rocket not someone arriving to walk their dog.

Here is a photo of the Xcraft with the mongrell seat. [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/P1010366_AFO-1d33a6640bc23c76b226bf4c54890d02.jpg


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The bass were holding close to the edges. If you didnt get a hit within 4 cranks of the handle that was it.

One time when we were releasing a tree branch from one of Rockets lures we saw a large tandanus in about 3 ft of water. Must have been on top of its nest.

Lots of large mullet there. I reckon may be a bit of fun targeting them with some bread and a float. We could see them swimming around in 3 feet of water and they were jumping everywhere.

The council were clearing up a salvinia infestation. They had a couple of small bays closed off to stop it spreading [img size=500]http://www.australianfishing.com.au/media/kunena/attachments/legacy/images/P1010371_AFO-0e52d755b0f98b5fd40981e80d472d9d.jpg


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