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Hi All,

I am new to this but look forward to learning a few things.

Im a keen estuary and beach fisherman but would love to learn more about bay fishing. I have often caught squire and grassy sweetlip around wellington point ... coohie but all around 25 - 30cm... god I would love to get a keeper... I see em posted by other fishermen... what am I doing wrong? Any advice would be appreciated!!



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Try using the smallest sinker you can; if from a boat, none is the best if the current allows. Give some really fresh Squid or Pilchards ago with this, drigting the bait down until it reaches the bottom and eventually you should get some.

Also, soft plastics around the 3-4" mark, with a 1/16-1/4oz jighead will get you into a few ;)

Hope this helps

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Hey mate welcome to the site.

See you if you can score a deckie spot at the upcoming Wello point swap meet. (details are in the Fishing Events section). This will

a: Be an opportunity to meet a few of the AFO crowd.

b: MAybe be a chance to catch a keeper :)

Good luck mate.


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