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i need info on a shurecatch rod and reel

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:S i recently won a shurecatch reel and rod combo at a fishing competition and i have very little info on it at all. i would like to know how much the rod would be worth and what type of fishing would be best to do with it.

The reel is red, it is called the shurecatch RE330

the rod is verylight weight and is also red.


line class: 2-6kg

lenght : 1.80m

Action : LT/MED

Cast WT: 7-28g

if you have any info for me it would be great

thanks jacko

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get rid of the reel and buy a $50 one and u will have a rod that lats for years i got one about 10 years ago the reel let me down on my first big fish on it. it stripped the gears inside, rod still in use today and had no problems at all. congrats on the prize


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