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River or Creek?


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I always thought a creek was smaller than a river as it branches of a river and didn't branch off to anything else. But a quick look on any map can prove this wrong. I guess it all comes down to whatever someone names it? Like Schultz canal... is it really a canal and what is a canal?

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I reckon Rivers are usually 4th order and creeks are 2 and 3rd order, streams are first order.

weather it is named River or creek, if it runs to the sea or does not tribute to a larger river it will be a 4th order classification.

but it seems there are a lot of ways to classify a river if you google it.

These days some classify rivers by their cultural surroundings (urbanization for example),I guess it depends on what your trying to look at.

If it called a creek its a creek, if its a River it is a river, the name doesn't really classify the tributary/river/creek/


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