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G'day, new to Brisbane from FNQ


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New to the site and Brisbane.

I moved here abut 18 months ago from Weipa. :(

I've lived in NQ most of my life (Mackay, Townsville, Weipa)

I have done bugger all fishing since I got here, as I have no idea where to go, and after being spoilt in Weipa, it hardly seemed worth the effort after a the weekly slog.

Anyway, I've recently pulled my finger out and blown the dust off my gear and started having a go.

Been down to Jacobs Well a few times, round the 'pin etc.

I'm still trying to get my bearings with tides etc.

Anyway, I'm pretty much always up for fish, when work lets me.

I am enjoying the more relaxed nature of fishing down here as opposed to Weipa, i.e. I don't need eyes in the back of my head watching for snapping hand bags.

With less nasty beasties in the water its also alot more kid friendly.

I had a go at the Corinda arboretum pontoon on Sunday and caught a few catties with my young son for a bit of fun, he loved it.

If anyone has a couple of spots along the river for the Kiddies to catch few fish and learn about fishing I love to know.



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Welcome to the site mate!

You should come along to the AFO swap meet in May (details in the events section of the forum). It will be a great place to put some faces to names and probably get some good info.

Also the State Of Origin comp later in May is very kid friendly wityh a kids category and a few families already signed up.

Good luck mate.


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welcome aboard

i used to fish the middle reaches around sherwood etc a while back but never really got anything good from em (others have)

if landbased i usually go to bretts wharf, newstead park etc down that way. have you got a boat? the river mouth is great fun and there are plenty of good fish.

if you're after a bit of nostalgia from back home we have a decent amount of those big salmony buggers down here too, although im sure not as many as you are used to.

the river has quite a few places you could take your kids to, theres a nice mudflat at lota creek that is family friendly, some rock walls around manly harbour close to ice cream shops and what not lol, some good places like colmslie boat ramp that you can set out some baits and have a decent chance of hitting the bigger and better river inhabitants

if you dont have a boat theres plenty of people that would decky you myself included just depends who's coming and who's piking :D

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Yeah, I've read a few stories in the QFM that have sparked my interest about threadies in the river.

Threadfin are a challenge in Weipa, Bluies everywhere, but Threadfin are a bit harder to come by.

If anyone is headed up that way drop me a line, I have any interesting array of GPS locations that may spark a budding fishos interest.

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Hi smithy welcome aboard and what part of brisy are in as there are some spotes on the goldy have kid frendly areas like chevron island and a fair chance of a fish or two.

Good luck cheers darren.

p.s come along to the state of orign comp because the Queenslander need as much held as they can muster LOL

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