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Wello 13-06-09


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Woke early and made the trek to wellington point in hope of a snapper and was setting up by 5 and on my first drift at 5.30.

Wind was up early and fishing was slow till the sun peeked over the horizon and I was on in a big way. My 4 inch lime tiger gulp was smashed on the drop by some thing substantial and soon enough it had rubbed me off on the reef after a few scorching runs and headshakes.

Didn't stand a chance on the 4lb. :laugh:

Soon after was on again and after a nervous fight I manage to land my PB snap of 44cm. Took it on the drop again and was taken in only 3m of water.

Was a nicely coloured fish.


On the Mat


Soon after it went a bit quiet with the odd 20-25cm squire coming to the party.

Decided it was time for a troll and found myself in a pike infested area and I could not get away for the vermin :angry: so I wound in and headed inshore to chase bream on the flats.

Wasn"t much doing here either except a few small breambos one slightly bigger fish.

Bream on a baby crank


Started to pack up about 10 and as i was about to start paddling back I heard a splash and then another :huh: . Thought maybe tailor and threw out a sugarpen and had one on within two twitches. Was a hoot in the shallows.

Tailor the mat


Mug Shot


All in all was a good morning.

6 Squire/Snaps

1 Bream

1 tailor

1,000 pike

Also had the life scared out of me by a dolphin which i thought was a shark the first time it surfaced by the yak.

Keen to do it all again soon!


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Great report nice snap there still yet to land my first keep up the ggod work.

I know what you mean about the dolphin one came up n scared the daylights out of me MBC weekend at harrys dirty bugger blow holed all over me on the bow of the boat :laugh:

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After the sun is up and the snapps shut down, try a fillet of pike floated down next to the yak out deeper. There are some gravel patches that the tuna and snapper hang around.

When fishing the drop off there I use minimum 10lb. Really, really hate losing lures on lighter gear.

Great return for the early morning start.

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