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The difference Between Fishing boat and a Cruise


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hi dave

how did you enjoy the comp in the new beast

did you clean up the blood and guts before the boss seen it

cleaning big buggers are the worst part of the day out

i was out at wello point at the end of the island saturday morning about 4 am and watched all the boats going passed :(

i ended up with 26 bream and only 5 keepers so it wasnt so bad

from some of the reports it sounds like it was a great weekend


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Hi Dave, stick with it and over a bit of time you will get it down to a fine art. In summer with a beer or two it is a pleasent way to spend an hour or two with a couple of mates. But in winter it is a chore, but with a bit of practise you can get down to under an hour all washed, dried and put away.

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Hi Col and Aaron took some time but worth it it was great to meet guys that I am reaading about thier fishing episodes every day also guys that offer to help all the time, I'm already sourcing a rail to fix onto the gunwale so that I can attach a Alvey winch for those deep big ones noname was enticing me with. Really happy with the way the boat handled apart from my navigation skills in the dark cost me a bent blade on the prop so no more nighttime jaunts until I've learned more. Other than that a great comp and well run by Angus and the admin and a very broad range of talents in the members A lot to learn

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3 hrs to clean your big boat not so bad .

takes me that long to clean my 12 foot tinny and gear .

i pull it all apart give it a scrub and hose off ,motor in a bucket and run /flush.

all the rods /gear etc ,a hose off and rub over .

then leave it to all dry .sometime the next day in the light i give it another wash.

usually miss mud ,guts ,bait etc in the dark.

i do go pretty slow at the end of the day ,and have a few beers while doing it .

i'm not doing it now to the next day if its dark ,not enjoying the cold weather .

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Malcolm wrote:

oh and if we just keep going out we wouldn't have to flush our motors hehhe. I wish ;)

sounds like a good idea mal .

yeah i'm getting slack last 2 trips ,since it got cold .

its more just a hose off off everything ,motor flush .

let it dry over night and another hose off next day ,she will be right .

i do stuff about a bit .

battery's come out hose off in the shed the next day and on the trickle charger over night .

the electric get washed ,then soaks in a bucket of water for a few days ,then spray it with lube and put it away.

and so on .

only reason i pull the floors out and scrub good clean under is cause ,1 time i didn't and its stunk bad a few days later .dead rancid bait and stuff under the floors etc.

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