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New to Aussie fishing

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Hi i'm kev,

i joined up a while ago but since moved house and haven't had the internet for quite a while so haven't been able to look at the site too much and never got around to introducing myself.

I'm a pom but been over here for 5 years now only just discovered fishing again at the end of last year. Used to do a little bit of coarse fishing back in the uk, but have now discovered the delights of fishing here in qld.

Before i came here i had never really fished with lure or heard about soft plastics, i started my fishing here in North pine dam and lake kurwongbah, taking my first ever Bass out of the lilly pads on a spinnerbait and instantly fell in love with lure fishing.

tried out the soft plastics several times but due to lack of experience and confidence didn't really take to them until i recently moved up to bald hills. With Deep water bend on my doorstep i took the kids up there for a couple of hours and thought i'd give the packet of gulp sardines i had another try, second cast i caught my biggest ever bream 34cm (only my 3rd ever bream). looks like i'm hooked on the plastics too now!

i am a land based angler (can't afford a boat) and have been exploring around the pine rivers trying to find some good spots to fish. there seems to be a few but obviously theres quite a few fisherman who already discovered these spots and can be difficult to get space at the weekends.

if anyone has any tips for a newbie they'd be greatly appreciated.



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welcome to AFO.

Best advice on catching local speciesis: Read the forums and reports, lotsa guys give away great spots and the techniques used.

Regarding plastic fishing, its all about watching, listening and plenty of practising.

Good luck


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