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plastics growing mold

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anyone ever had there plastics growing mold ?

i went fishing late Sunday arvo ,soaked a bait .

figured i try something different in the river ,so grabbed me plastics bucket .

had a look ,yep will try neclear chicken 3 inch jerk shad .

well they where alive ,white fungus/mold growing on them .

so opened them washed them and the salt water mold gorn so fished with them .

the packet had dried up of sent/oil a few months ago ,but was still clipped shut and the plastics still soft .

i think what has happened is they have been in the car 3 weeks or 4 weeks and inside a bucket with a lid .may have got to hot and sweated and had air in the clipped shut bag .

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i do need to fish more .

and use plastics more .

think i make it a rule that every time i'm out fishing i fill flick a plastic for a bit .

if i don't make it a rule i will be lazy like i have been for the last 6 months and just soak bait and leave the plastics sitting in the car .

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yeah mine where gulp saltwater plastics too .two packets .

they oil/sent drys up quick,after about month i reckon.

i suppose its ok cause they been open for 3 months or more and only just went funny .

tuna oil is no good the gulp plastics still dry up and go hard in it .

some no scent/oil plastics i have in a tub with some tuna oil in .

i put some gulp alive one's in ,so i didn't have to take the whole tub along.

they dried up after a few days ,just like when u leave them out side on the jig head, on ya rod ,over night they dry up.

now i cleaned them i'm going to put some oil/sent out of a tub of gulp plastics i got and see how they go .

all done now see what happens .

they gulp packets of plastic and gulp tub of plastic .

so should work ok ,they where not dry or hard .

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the tuna oil and some of the gulps oil/scent has done some weard stuff to painted and unpainted jig heads.

did put them back in the bag with the first 3 packs i got squidgies and gulps .

but the first 3 packs are long gorn the toad fish at them up at the kayka comp last year ,forgot the bait .

so now i don't put used ones back in the packet ,i got a used plastic container there ok for a week in it then bin.

it's funny too that squidgies don't go funny in the bag ,they got like a greasy scent stuff ,no liguid oil.

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tugger wrote:

you not supposed to throw plastic into the water dave thats littering just stick to bait mate it works for me :laugh:

yeah i just bought 15 packs and a tub to try the sp's thing ,don't work all that well for me.

used up 3 packs ,got 4 open now.

won't open any more till i use them 4 up ,so should have enough for the next 5 years .

if they last that long .

live bait would be my fav bait atm ,with dead fresh or fresh frozen coming next .

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the stuff in the gulp tubs is water based as is the stuff in the packets,if your packets or tubs get a bit dry just put a little water in them,as for the crap that grows in them,you only have to worry about it if it gets an amonia smell to it,if so throw them away no respectable fish will touch them,if no amonia smell they will still work.

I put all my packets when opened into a sealable plastic container and have been doing so since the tubs came out because they leak,the juice in the plastic container has gone dark brown and thickened up a bit but actually seems to work better than the ghulps straight out of the packets,must be stronger scent now it has condenced a bit.

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yeah i noticed the tub leaks bad .

no amonia smell .

i have had old fridges and when i worked at the meat works they had amoina refrigeration .

amoina amoina u will die ,the old fridge killed my whole front yard when they leaked .

yeah amoina liquid /gas or smell = bad

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