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The Yabba ck, my boyne rebound


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Well after my dismal week of fishing for barra in the boyne, I decided i needed a rebound fish, chasing after my fav. species, BASS!, so on my way down south back to the goldy I stop over at imbil for the night so i could get an arvo and morning fish in the Yabba creek, first up was an afternoon session at my favourite fishing hole "dead mans pass" but by the look of it, its been pillaged by the easter traffic, not a single bass, yella or toga, very disappointing, only mananged a whopper treble bending lungfish on a tt lures swichblade. so in the morning i hit my second fav. hole, up the creek near the borumba dam camping grounds, I managed 5 undersized bass with in an hour, 4 on the K9 bulldog and 1 on a white spinnerbait, very disappointing considering what this hole used to produce, once again alot of easter traffic. hopefully this spot will have recieved some borumba fish over the wall by the time the AFO wanderers weekend comes along, it can be top landbased toga, yella and bass spot.

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