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you see ol mate at the ramp and he has in hand a large fish you have been targeting for ages, years even, in some cases, eg the snapper fisherman! you start up a conversation with ol mate and he tells you all you want to know about his trophy catch, so you decide to head over to ol mates spot to try and get 1 for yourself, as a lot of ppl do, my question is how many trips and how offen do you go before deciding to move on ?here's an example...

ol mate catches a 10 kilo snap at mud island, how long a period do you try for 1 yourself?


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we want pics then! :lol: we hooked this

ummm he's my pb to date too! :woohoo:

hows he taste and u sure old mate wasnt the tourist operator from tangalooma :pinch:

he was leleased unharmed, and no he wasnt! say for arguements sake it was anna bligh! lmao
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