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Some recent purchases


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Just some stuff I have bought in the last four weeks. There is also a fair bit that I have managed to buy and lose in that period :S . Nothing super high-end, but seems to do the job alright


Sounder is a Humminbird Piranhamax 190CX

Reel is a Daiwa Exceler 100HDA I bought from Rocket


Austackle IM6 Carbon Baitcaster 2-4kg and Camo-stick 1-3kg


A few random surface lures, had three of the austackle skippys, lost one two a tree and one to tailor, that one lost its eye to some bass down at the pumping station.


Few small lures for bassing in the creeks


Few lipless cranks, purple one is an austackle one, had the green too but got wrapped today and lost it :angry: . Of course trusty ole gvibe there too

Some divers I bought for trolling around impoundments, particularly NPD. The olive ones are Rapala XRap Slashbaits, Bought them and the other rapalas off ebay for $5 each, look like they would go alright.

Finally, a question. Bought a heap of beetlespin arms, and I read somewhere a while ago about people who were clipping them onto hardbodys.... Anybody tried this? I think I might give it a go sometime soon!



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