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After work on the Peninsula


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Had a spare hour or two after work yesterday so decided to take the soft plastics down for a wonder along the eastern side of the peninsula as the wind was blowing a gale from the west. Sun was out not too many people around water was crystal clear, could see hundreds of bait fish around the rock groins thought I was in with a chance.

I am very new to soft plastics and still have had very limited success with the small jerkshads and it was going to be the same again today! Spent an hour or so flicking some jerkshads in various colours only to be taken by this little fella! Was a spirited little fight and gave me that little bit of encouragement to keep plugging away.


Got sick of the shads and went back to my trusty 75mm squidgy fish in the white and garry glitter colours. about 4th cast i got a massive thump and run then some headshakes and thought i was on to a nice flattie. Then the fish just decided to give up and started spiralling through the water and up came me first ever Cod (so i guess you could call it my pb cod!) Very excited!


Again with spirits lifted i managed to then hook up to 3 yellow tail pike who went in the bag for bait on the weekend, had a very spirited fight with what i thought was a good size pike who would have gone over 70cm was doing aerials and everything but ended up snipping my 8lb leader when he was in mid air. Then when it was just about time to pack up to beat the mrs home from work and look like i did something besides enjoying myself all afternoon! Bang! big flash of colour zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz Just what i had come down for !



Not a pb, but a beautiful fish gave a good account for himself in the water and on the dinner plate!

Very fun and eventful afternoon! The cod was released unharmed and it was awesome to be close to a fish like that really enjoyed having a closer look. This was all within a 500M stretch between Scarborough and Redcliffe from the shore at low tide! :D

A big thank you as well to everyone who posts on these forums without the information I have received from reading the posts in the soft plastics section I simply would have given up but now love it and really am starting to catch fish on a regular bases! Cheers guys


Ps i forgot to post it but i also landed my Pb flathead 2 1/2 weeks ago at Redcliffe as well on a soft plastic! here he is!


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