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Coomera - Friday 13th


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G'day all,

Headed out yesterday to try some new spots around coomera and pimpama with a new range of lures I got samples of last week.

Ended up having to fish dead low tide which was not ideal but the weather conditions were perfect otherwise.

1st stop was a spot I haven't been to for 6 months or so on Hotham creek (near jacobs well), wasnt much happening there although I did watch a small 5cm mangrove jack smashing small baitfish for a good 1/2 hour, was amazing to watch and good to see the river healthy.

Next stop was a new spot that I was yet to fish in the Coomera River, looked very promising from the get go, a few bait fishos there but they hadnt got a thing yet. Was testing out a nice little shallow diver so was expecting a little flatty or a bream with a bit of luck. Anyway got smashed right on the edge of a rock bar at my feet, called it for a really late jack due to the location and the fight, but no it was a nice little GT. Great fun.

[img size=1024]http://dl.dropbox.com/u/19216531/Photo%20May%2013%2C%2012%2047%2028%20PM%20%281024x759%29.jpg

Got a treble in the finger for my troubles which was no good, and the wind came up so I called it quits not wanting to push my luck being friday the 13th and all.

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Its a nice little lure, about 50mm long, dives to about 0.5m - 1m. Requires a real slow roll to get the best action. Should be dangerous on bass and bream etc.

I am still testing them at the moment for durability and how well they go right out of the box (nothing worse than a lure that needs alot of tuning to work). But it didnt straighten the hooks on this fish so am pretty happy so far.

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