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Pumping Bass on dog leash.


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Had a stack of shrimp that I intended to take to Borumba and didnt want them to die in the tank so I went to the Pumping Station with Tai and his dad.

We arrived just after dawn.


Dad was first on with a nice sized bass.


After my near disaster last time there I teathered my rod that was float fishing right beside the jetty with a dog lead.


This rod was very successful with most of my fish caught on it.The fish seem to travel right in close as the water is around 10 feet deep there.

Good fun as you are fighting the fish in close and cannot afford to let them run as they take you straight around one of the numerous snags.

Total score for the morning was around 40 bass and a couple of yellas.

Best bass landed was 47cm with quite a few larger ones and a really good yella lost as we did not have a landing net.

Also about 5 bass that were only around 4 to 5 inches long.

Here is an assortment of photos.













Bit of a bugger when you have to stand up to bring in a fish.


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being offline for 2 weeks, due to an unknown computer issue its great finally be back. Well, for the meantime anyway.

Thanks again Ray for another memorable session. Fish tend to be a bit slow there in early morning but as soon as the sun comes out to play, the fish seem to go pretty hard.

The amount of water goin over the weir has slowed down but the runoff that veers to the right seems to cause a bit of a drift when fishin.

As for Ray's dogleash.. sorry Ray, i had a bit of a chuckle inside when i saw it. But its a very good idea! Better than losing a couple of hundred bucks, especially when the bigger bass or lungies smash your bait and take off.

Also got a haircut today so no more coconut hair style.

Always good fun!


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