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buttterfly pleco fry SOLD


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Hey all

Bit off topic for a fishing forum but i have noticed there are more than a few members on here that are into there aquarium fishes so i thought i would offer these up incase anyone is interested. I have had a few succesfull spawns with my pair of butterfly plecos and will need to make some room in the tank soon for new batches of babys. The larger ones are between 2.5-3.5cm and i will let them go for $30 each or cheaper for bulk.

All assigned numbers: L168

Name: Zonancistrus brachyura

Common Names: L168, Butterfly pleco



sorry for the crappy pics but there buggers to photograph the first pic is of one of the parents and the second is one of the smaller fry a few weeks back. I will try to get some better pics of the fry soon.

some additional info for those interested.

Appearance: These plecos look more 'flattened' than any of the others. They have dark stripes on a yellowish base colour.

Compatibility: These pleco's are fairly peaceful towards other fish but can be quite territorial towards conspecifics, so a ratio of one male per 30cm squared should be provided. Females seem to be quite compatible and a recommendation of 2-3 females per male would be fine. Males tend to be quite dominant toward's females so ensure there are enough females to keep him busy.

Sexing and Breeding: Males are larger than females. Sexually Mature males have longer odontodes on the pectoral fins than females

Diet: An omnivore which should accept both veggies and meatier foods

Water parameters: PH 5.5-7.5 Temp 25-29c

These plecos seem to do fairly well in most water conditions as long as the aquarium is well oxygenated and the water is clean. They will however be at their best and likely to show off their colouration in soft and slightly acidic water

Max Size: 15cms

Additional Comments:

Zonancistrus are part of the Dekeyseria family

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Poop machines :whistle:

Twice as much comes out the back end as goes in the front :lol:

supprisingly these guys are very good as they dont eat the wood and everything else in sight 24/7 like quite a few other plecs, they are deffinatly more fussy feeders but i do get where your coming from i have colony of L397's that hit the wood like it owes them money :pinch: and poop it out like crazy :sick: funny little creatures.

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