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Intrepid fishing with the kids


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saturday seen bailey, summer, michael, brandon and myself heading down the coast for some trev action.

the morning was beautiful and hopes were high, but it was slow for a while. finally the kids started the action with some bream. we explored the canals for something to do and discovered some bream spots that held some big bream, just could not tempt the bigger ones. as the day got on i managed a solid hook up and after a fun fight with long fast runs up pops a nice trev going 56cm :woohoo: thought it was going to be on big time but only managed one smaller trev for the day and michael a lil flatty..

was good to see the canals crystal clear. and i am keen to explore some more with out the kids next time ;):lol:








Lake Intrepid sunset


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Wheres that tunnel mate is it part of the lake? looks like a great yakkin spot.
nah i found it deeper into the canal maze. this is where we seen some stonker fat bream around 40cm and looked about 2 inch thick.. five solid bream swan out first followed by about 20 fair size bream. a yak would be prime for this spot as stealth would help with the huge bream. they were busting up the small prawn schools along the tunnel walls.. once i figure out the exact road to get you there i will pm you ,as i know there was a field close by that a yak could be launched from.
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