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Humminbird Pirahna 160 Advice Please


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Hey guys need some advice,

Had pretty bad rooster tail problem so I put a shield on but now can only get a reading under 4-8 knots once on the plan it just doesn't read at all?

Father inlaws does the exact same thing at speed but with out rooster tail or shield?

Oh and the reading was pretty poor without the sheild anyway.

Common problem? Settings issue? Location?

Any help would be very appreciated B)


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The spray guard


looks like it is kicking up from the water pressure and reading out behind the boat , angle it down towards under the boat a bit and see what happens ,

need a pic from the back of boat level with the hull and transducer if possible

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Definately kicking up and not sitting paralell with the boat as most manuals suggest. I have even pointed my Garmin one down towards the bottom to get a better reading at speed. Try levelling out the transducer and you should get a better reading

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