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all day fishing


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not much caught by me or him. just two ladyfish 3 sharks and one pork fish. but other then that..... it was very calm and the water was extremely clean out there. by the way, those jack crevalle were out too but by the hundreds. none would take the silver spoon which was all i had to catch them with. to be very honest... it be best off to go diving in the water then to go fishing from the shore or in a boat. i could see every rock and reef down there in the water it was that clear but yet i was too nervous to swim to the bottom and get my hook un-snagged from a rock(which happens all the time there). i was also paranoid when those boats drove to close to the shoreline. they often do that all the time and i get ticked off cuz my line can get ran down and sucked into the prop of the motor. one boat was even treasure hunting for gold coins or something that lay along the bottom a few hundred years ago(spanish galleon wrecks is what im talkin about). so other then that, this is what Nick AKA Skelator caught. just think of an amusement park that little kids go to like Disney World.

well he was like those little kids just happy and excited over catching them dinky little fish lol.

pictures below. only took the pic of one shark and the pork fish. oh and the boat too.

i cant stand these guys. they must go and find an actual career instead of doing this $%@t every day.



nicks pork fish.


his black tip or spinner shark. they all look the same lol.


well maybe next week will be better.

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