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quick darwin trip


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Hey Fellas

I was in Darwin for two days this week and managed to get one of those days out fishing on a charter and the other was spent working with a quick rock session in the arvo. The fishin was pretty slow on the big stuff all round but managed to catch a truckload of blue salmon and various reefy's out a bit wider, the skipper did try pretty hard to put us onto the black jewies and he deffinalty knew his stuff but it just wasnt the day for them but one nice 110cm was landed by a blokes wife just prior to departing home the look on his face was good as gold and she ribbed him hard about it too :lol: . Had a good trip and landed some rat trevs on poppers in the arvo off the rocks and got to watch something huge smashing bait about 500mtrs out but unfortunatly didt come in closer. The tides up there are pretty crazy make ours look like a piss in a pond.

a random head calved into a rocky out crop



Darwin sunrise.



Got at least a dozen of these blue Salmon all around this size.



Terrible conditions


one for tugger ;)


pitty these didnt get any bigger :x


cool lil trout and i managed to talk the hotel cook into baking it for my dinner.




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Hey tugger they were in around 8mtr so the fight wasnt like getting them shallow but the still put up a reasonable account for themselves and i wish i could have brought some home with me but i flew out within a few hours after the charter so no time to box n freeze them :pinch: but did manage to get the trout cooked up just before leaving the hotel and it was superb chewing!

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