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My First Ever Squid


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Hey Everyone,

i've been a member here for a while now but this is my first ever post.

After work today i arrived at the rock wall of manly boat habour around 11:30am.

first cast i was on with i think could be a tiger squid not very sure as it is my first squid.

this was the only action i had all arvo. i packed and left at 4 as the water was getting quite low.

what did the damage was i think its called tataki branded pink prawn 2.5 grams

here is a picture of the squid below


i would love to catch more as im still learning

can anyone point me to more locations land based to try?

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put it up in the "going fishing" section if you are mate, especially if you're staying local like last time, i'm sure there's a few of us that live around manly/wynnum that would come down and have a fish with you. if i'm not busy packing the house i'll head down as well (just don't plan on going when the broncs are playing!)

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