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Lenthalls Dam Barra Deaths


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FYI....Damn it!!!!


Weather, weed kill barramundi

Fraser Coast Chronicle

Nat Bromhead | 16th July 2011

Rotting barra, thought to have died because of an infestation of chocking weed and cold temperatures, float around the edge of Lenthall Dam.

Contributed ICY water temperatures combined with an infestation of choking weed are being blamed for the death of hundreds of barramundi at Lenthall Dam this week.

High numbers of barra have been found floating in the basin below the spillway of the Fraser Coast's main water supply which doubles as a popular fishing and recreation ground.

Wide Bay Water said the fish kill was due to ongoing cold weather combined with aquatic plants blocking flow to the Burrum River.

“Low temperatures can cause barra to die,†a Wide Bay Water spokesperson said.

“It is thought the barramundi became trapped in the stilling basin due to aquatic plants blocking their path downstream.â€

Anglers who frequent the dam have suggested a channel between the spillway and the Burrum River, a distance of about 100m, would help save hundreds of fish.

But Wide Bay Water said due to the fact the basin was difficult to access, they “did not have any plans to excavate a channelâ€.

Local fishing guide Paul Dolan has called for urgent action on the issue.

He said a channel would allow barramundi, as well as bass, to swim to deeper, warmer pools of water in the Burrum River giving the fish a greater chance of survival.

“All they need to do is put a channel in there and that will save these prized fish,†Mr Dolan said

“Barra are an Australian icon and deserve much better than this.â€


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The spillage pond is a known ongoing problem at Lenthalls. WBW are always slow to react to any problems with a drawn out bureaucratic approach to any problems.The last time this happened by the time they gave the stocking assn approval to salvage the entrapped fish most of the fish had already died or were diseased and consequently Deedi refused the the permit because of the risk of introducing diseased fish into the dam.



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