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Friday night Catfish fest.


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Hey All,

After reading everyone's posts over the past few months I am glad to finaly have something share. With the forecast for a great weekend I headed to bris River on Fri night to gedt a fish in and still be able to take the family to Moreton on Saturday.

The wind was a bit stiffer than forecast but that didn't put me off.The Herring were thick at the poo Shute but no Mullet so I headed back to Boggy Creek and none there either, there was some really good prawns tho.

With enough bait headed back to the Shute and anchored up. the current was running pretty hard which supprised me cause there was only ment to be a small change in tide.

I set 1 rod up with a live Herring and another with a cut Herring I didn't want to waste the prawns until the current setelled down a bit which proved to be a good move cause over the next two hours I caught about 6000 Catfish. Ok I am exaggerating a little bit it was probably only 4720 but it was still alot of fun until one got me with a barb merely a flesh wound.

The current had settled a bit by now and I lightened the weight up and sent down a Prawn that could have graced the table I didnt have to wait long and it was off. I had Braid on the bait runner and 12lb Mono on the overhead set up and 12lb was no where near enough to stop what I called for a Jew. So the herring came off the Baitrunner and down went another small king prawn and then reward was sweet my fist Brisbane River Jew only a little fella but a Jew all the same. A quick pic and back in. I was willing to stay all night after that but when the tide turned and the wind dropped the mozzies got that thick I couldn't stick around I think the areogaurd was attracting them so I headed home happy.

Thanks for reading ! :woohoo:


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Nice report dude good to see you got onto a Jew perhaps next time that legal fellah will come along for an enquiry!!

As for the cat fish I fought my first sizable one the other day in the bay and didn't realize they went so hard. 25lb line with a locked up drag on my 2500 and it was screaming all round the boat under sideways up down I didn't have a clue what I'd hooked hahaha

Anyway nice report


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Hey those eels don look that bad. I cant really say anything bad about them only because a family member plays for them.

Congratulations on the jew man! Where I used to live, i know of a few fellas that have fished all their lives for one and never caught let alone seen one.

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