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Bit rusty at mackerel fishing


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Well i had Jnewy and Shane69 with me today when hit the palm beach reef, the bar was not to bad on the first of the run out tide and i timed it right inbetween sets. 3 minutes later we're on my spot on the palmy and start to deploy baits.

There was alot of rat macktuna around that were pinching our baits but we decided anyway to keep a couple for big baits out at the fishermans gym tomorrow. The first mackerel strikes did'nt start till 9am and the first couple were dropped.

Then a solid hook up on the third saw Jnewy fighting his first mackerel into the boat in about 25yrs a bit rusty maybe, this made his day. The next strkie took off and cut the top of the water with the line with blistering speed so i picked it for a spanish mack but alas it turned and swam at us and shook the hook.

Afew more hits then Shane is on but it wrapped him around the anchor rope i saw it was a amckerel and just as i was about to lift it in it took off again and busted him off. The current and wind made for a very hard days fishing as they went in diferent directions most of the morning.

The final tally were 3 mack tuna and 1 spottie hope you enjoyed the day Newy That should be the start of many more macks to come in the near future



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Bit rusty right!! Only bite i got n it got wrapped around rope.

I have lost all my mackerel mojo since i being going palmy.

I have to do a trip in my own boat to see if things change.

Thanks for taking me out again mark. It was a good day just lack of fish.

Hopefully my luck changes if i end up going in bay tomorrow


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