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AFO Fishing Seminar/Meet and Greet


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Just putting an idea forward, I don't know if people would be keen or not but just thought about putting it out there.

Was thinking maybe a seminar could be organised where a couple of different styles of fishing could be discussed by a couple of AFO members and have question and answer time after each as well as a bit of a meet and greet aspect as well. I know Duncan's seminars at Fishhead at Victoria point are always very successful and book out very quickly. I have already spoken to him about the idea and is keen to host, having it at a tackle shop also allows for purchases on the night etc on any info or secret lures you have learnt about on the night.

It could be run in a manner that maybe every couple of months and people could nominate them selves as guest speakers or also suggest topics that they would be interested to go and learn about. This site would have plenty of people with enough knowledge on all different aspects of fishing to be able to cover such an event over a period of time on different styles of fishing or targeting different species.

Duncan has a limit of about 50 people but I don't think that would be too hard to fill with just members alone.

Just putting it out there


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Yeah I have also discussed this with Duncan and like the idea on principle. Obsession Fishing has already got it on the cards to organise something with Duncan for the people going on their Jewel Reef trips and I am looking forward to that night :)

Only small problem is there are a couple of tackle stores I am discussing advertising rates/deals with and its not really fair on them if we are bringing stacks of members along to a competing, non advertising store for a night of purchasers... There are plenty of venues we could consider though causing no conflicts of interest...


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