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Boat covers


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Now ive had the canopy front side and clearts and storm covers redone i need to protect them from the sun when in my driveway.

Im in need of a boat cover.

So the question is tarp VS boat cover. Which is better and why.

Dont want to pay a fortune. What brands are good.

I think 600D material is the go from any research ive done so far.

HAve found 2 brands on ebay.


Yours thoughts


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Its a hard choice between the first and second one.... cause they are both the same!

You would think though if they are selling boat covers then there would be a shot of a cover on a boat though.

Look at trailable over non trailable. Will you tow the boat with it on? Trailables are more expensive as 'tougher' or made out to be anyway.

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Hi Shortie

Make sure those covers have all reinforced areas where its needed like the bow section,aft corners,motor area,windscreen ect as they rub through very quickly.

I have one on my tinny just like those and its totally stuffed,it has holes on both corners and the bow pokes through a large hole on the front.

It did come with my boat so I can't say how old it is though but it needs replacing badly.

It's only a yard cover as well and never towed on the boat.

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the new covers


That all-round white light is not high enough (unless it's telescopic).

I have an outside the box idea that I'll talk to you about later

Thank god for that Brian. Cause if its inside the box its going to have to be 1 huge box.

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shortie i use a big tarp mate and have no dramas what so ever, its just hard to put on myself when the wind is blowing :silly:

ive had no worries with mould as my tarp isnt a tight fit as it hangs over my baitboard and allows plenty of air flow through the transom area and it is completely water proof. ive got a 5.7 tinnie with similar half cab set up. i also have a transom door which i leave open which allows good ventilation.

a tarp is definately an option (cheaper one as well), u just need to provide a 'space' for air to filter through/escape somewhere.

as far as longevity of the tarp goes, mines been in the elements for a year and isnt showing any signs of perishing.

just my opinion on it :)

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