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A Reasonably Reasonable Day.


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We had a reasonably reasonable day at the hinze western arm this morning .
The only schooled up fish were the barred grunter which were in plague proportions.
 We did manage to pull some nice bass between 38 and 45cm but they were not schooled up with about 3 or 4 fish everywhere we pulled up before the grunter made it impossible to get a bait down.
Also around 6 stonker tandans.
Thanks for the company Rossco.

P2290330 (640x480).jpg

P2290331 (640x480).jpg

P2290332 (640x480).jpg

P2290333 (640x480).jpg

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Thanks for the report Ray, i've had a lash at shrimp fishing the last couple of times on the eastern arm, but everywhere i go the grunter show up so quickly! bloody pests. Do you have more luck bait fishing in 30 feet of water than say 15 feet? or depends on the day?


Cheers, Glenn.

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