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Pine River Feed - 6.3.16


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Hello all

A report for my last fishing today on the Pine River at Deep water bend.

I left home at 7.00am on the way to tackleland to buy some hooks then off to DWB to chase some bream on bait.

I ended up getting to DWB at 7.35ish and high tide was at 7.47am, there was a no wind and the weather has clear and sunny so I had bad thoughts about how the session would fish at first. The baits I was using was FRESH LOCAL mullet fillets cut into cubes 3cm x 2cm and chicken thigh (forgot to marinade the chook though). I was casting my baits under the boardwalk and after 2 hours of nothing I hooked up  to a fair fish which took some line off the reel and after a quick battle I swept it up the adjacent stair case and it was a 26cm bream which got bleed then put on ice.

I keep fishing and fishing with pickers destroying my baits and got another hook up this time the fish made a few screaming runs and big headshakes trying to stay deep but after a longish battle I swept it up the adjacent stair case and was happy with my 30cm bream which got bleed and put on ice again.

I keep on fishing until 12.00pm with swarms of toadies smashing my baits and decided to fillet my bream and leave.

All up I caught a 26cm bream & a 30cm bream both caught on mullet, so both legal and I was happy with the morning but my tackle supply wasn't but I guess its a small price to pay for more better quality fish!

Thanks for reading :) 

[Mornings Catch. Sorry about the kill shot]


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