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Caboolture River 5/07


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I haven't had a chance to take the boat out since new years with busy weekends and poor whether conditions constantly getting in the way.

Original plan was with the Father in law to crab for most of the afternoon and night but he had to pull out due to a wrist injury. 

So had a solo fish and a crab.

I found that the fish were only interested in the live prawns which I managed to get a few dozen, in the mouth of a feeder creek.

Few legal size bream and a 55cm flattie. I only kept the Flattie and 1 bream as my wife doesn't like fish. 

Crabbing with 4 pots was a bit hard. In the sense it's harder to find the crabs with a limited spread.

I managed one cracker brown buck and one sandy which is fine because it was only me eating. Probably caught about 50 odd crabs in 7 checks mostly big jenneys. The crabs were further away than expected and it wasn't until the last move and check that I found them.

Wasn't to many people out which was nice. The 15knots winds running with the tide made it pretty comfortable too. 


The rain really picked up around 7:30 and by then i'd run outta prawns and the mullet/ jabbies weren't getting a lick. So pulled up anchor and headed in, I was quite surprised that I was the only person still out when I got back to the ramp. 


Fisheries were out as well, that's the second time in two weeks i've heard and seen them about. Great to see they are stepping up the patrols as there are some dodgy people around in some dodgy boats.







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On 3/28/2016 at 1:53 PM, FishoDave said:

Thanks for the read, mate :) Sorry to hear about the plans falling out but glad you still got out there!

So only live prawns worked? What lures were you trying out of curiosity?




Don't really do to much lure fishing. Fresh is always best. 


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