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Hi everyone, quick question. 

I am going away to Hervey Bay tomorrow and was just at my boat finishing off packing. I noticed the lights on the ctek smart charger were not indicating it was fully charged after leaving it on overnight. 

I discovered I had accidentally connected the negative to positive and positive to negative when charging the battery.

Does this have the potential to ruin the battery and should I get a new one tomorrow to be safe? I have now put it on charge correctly and will check in the morning if it has been charged and the motor turns over. Just not sure if this has any adverse effects on battery life (I will be sleeping on boat with anchor light on so don't want battery to drain if life has been reduced).

Thanks in advance. 


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The cteks are polarity protected so will be no worries. Just a hint hard wire a anderson plug to your battery and terminate the leads of the ctek to an anderson plug and then you will have no problems in the future and it is a lit easier to connect the charger.



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