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Take Your "special" Friend Fishing Day 13.03.2016


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I don't know if everyone was aware but it was take your "special" friend fishing day on Sunday. So I grabbed my "special" friend and another mate to help keep him under control and headed for the Pin.image.thumb.jpg.0a22ff094ae6c47ab3cbb922

Some of you may recognize him... He's often referred to as @ellicat

Here's some images from previous "special" friend fishing days...



The day didn't start so well with a bit of a delay at the boat ramp waiting for a heavy shower to pass but soon enough it did and we were off, first fitting my "special" friend with hi-viz floaties and a helmet just to be sure.


We stopped off to gather some yabbies, had a bit of a troll and then anchored up to chase some whiting. I carefully bluntened the hooks on my "special" friends line just to make sure he didn't take anyone's eye out, I'm a top bloke like that. It was a little slower than I had hoped but we chipped away and soon the better sized fish started to find their way on board. We managed 4 whiting, 2 grunter, a flathead, a token bream and jagged the unluckiest legal buck mud crab in the world, all on yabbies.


We moved around to a different spot and started to do a little better, adding 2 more flathead, 7 more good sized whiting and a sand crab to the esky. My "special" friend kept us all entertained with made up songs (I think from the voices inside his head - some weird stuff for sure) and unique, albeit completely ineffective casting technique. 


Not or long after we headed back to the ramp, some other "special" friends had decided to play with their jet skis right next to Jacobs well boat ramp, taking off from the beach flat stick and generally p1ssing everyone off. We decided they were too special and got out of there quickly before something bad happened.


i didn't get any photos on the water on the day to share but here's the net result.


thanks to ecat and Brenden for another top day out.



benno <'><

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I am sailing

I am sailing

..... haha


Thanks for the day Benno. The carers are appreciative. :sorcerer:

Nothing wrong with my casting - you just need to stop covering the sandbars (my reference point) with water. haha

Your "safety" hooks certainly made catching the fish a little challenging to start the day. :devil:

My favourite part of the day was the yabbying, as I was just watching.

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