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16 And 17 March On The Kedron Brook


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Hello all

A quick report for a couple days fishing the freshwater section of the Kedron brook

Wednesday 16 March 2016

I fished at the Kedron brook from 11.00am till 1.00pm walked the stream flicking a z-man grub 2.5" in hardyhead rigged on a tt headlockZ sz2 1/12oz jighead using 3lb braid to 4lb fluoro leader (EDIT changed lure to a rmg scorpion 38 1/2 way through session). The water was clear and I was sight fishing for tandans. Over the 2 hours fished I landed a 48cm tandan (native freshwater catfish) and got busted off around a metal water intake filter by a slightly smaller tandan.

Thursday 17 March 2016

I fished the Kedron brook from 4pm till 6pm using the same techniques, lures, tackle as Wednesday and the water was clear and low with very little flow but ended up catching a 43cm tandan which got hooked in the mid back which made for a long fight and got released as well as the 48cm fish from my last session to hopefully see next season as fish in the 50's size range.

Thanks for reading my dodgy report, if anyone is located near the Kedron brook give it ago fishing for these beautiful native fish they are definitely biting throughout the system and its great sport with light gear (+ the bonus of seeing fish eat your lure) and is accessible for locals of the brook area.

[photos to be uploaded soonish] 

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1 hour ago, samsteele115 said:

I live near brookside but can never bring myself to fish it! Well done on giving it a crack and having success! 

Thanks @samsteele115. I was a bit hesitant towards fishing in the brook, actually very, very hesitant is a better description but since I had a crack at it I havn't looked back I recommend everyone that lives near it to explore with a light spin stick, some lures, and a bit of bread and walk the ponds and streams :) and find some great spots which get no fishing pressure!

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