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Caboolture Weir


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Took the Prowler out for a paddle on the Caboolture Weir today, first time out in ages. Probably over a year.
Did a tagging day on the Caboolture River Weir with the stocking group. Figured it would be a nice ease back in to it for my shoulder. 6 of us on the water for a few hours, very pleasant.
Thank you to the Council, first time I have used the kayak launching spot behind the tennis courts at Centenary lakes, nice easy access point! Will definitely be my go to spot to launch in the future.
So far no pain in the shoulder, but only paddled a couple of K's very gently though :)
Also discovered cameras don't work to well when you leave the battery in the charger......so no photo's.
So since there are no photo's that means Ferg didn't catch two nice mid 30's bass to my Doughnut. :)
Only about a dozen fish caught all up, mostly in the shadows under the trees along the southern bank between the road and rail Bridges. To be honest that was probably a dozen more than I thought we would catch, wouldn't really be expecting bass down that low for another month or so. Saw two schools on the sounder before my sounder battery decided it was all just to hard for it, but they were not interested in lures. Will have to take some shrimp next trip :)
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