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NPD 5/5/16


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Not my best day.

Thought that I was not even be able to get in the gate as the lock was seized up but a bit of perseverance and brute force fixed that . ( Call made to Barry to get fixed) (Was speaking to someone this arvo and its been crook for a while but no one bothered reporting it)

I was not expecting a good day as there has been reports of pots being raided and vandalised and I did not escape pots left open and bait containers,name tags and weights all gone.

So i commenced trolling for buggerall even though plenty of fish showing on the sounder. Fortunately I spotted one of my pots that I had lost when the water level came up and got 8 shrimp and about the same number of small redclaw out of it so I started dropping live bait into the shows on the sounder and they were all forkies with the odd tilapia so when I ran out of bait I commenced to troll again and ended up with a couple of bass so at least not a donut but 2 fish for .5 hours not the best.

Nice peaceful day and I was the only person there.





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