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La La La Borumba Pic Heavy


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Back to Borumba for a couple of days, managed to have a good explore of the dam this time, went to the end of both arms to have a look, picking up mostly bass here and there along with some yellas and mate Glen landed the only toga, after we had both had one on and lost it after a head shake. Lost a real good bass next to the boat while reaching for the net, was easy a 50cm model, but hey if not landed or touch the boat it doesnt count:no::no:

We managed about 50 plus bass along with some yellas and the one toga. Never got anything trolling, all fish were from casting to the gaps in the lilies or to structure. When we got to the ends of both arms you had to be very careful of the sub surface sunken trees, we managed to hit 3, lucky we were going slow and no damage.











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1 hour ago, rayke1938 said:

You cracked some good weather for it.

We are thinking of a return visit in spring.

Are the skiers and jet boats behaving and staying away?

Must admit it is a much more pleasant place to fish when they are not there.



No skiers it was great.

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13 hours ago, bersim said:

Glen looks stoked about landing that toga :lol:  Sounds like a great trip and some stunning scenery around that dam.  What's that interesting looking jointed lure under the picture of you and the yella?

Yes Glen gets real excited:rolleyes: Jointed lure came from the cheap box at BCF a couple of weeks a go, cost about 8 dollars, it caught a few bass, which I was pleased with, I actualy bought it for down at my sons place.

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