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Quality No Quantity


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Gday everyone

Spent the better part of today fishing NPD with @rayke1938 and my misso, Tika. IMG_0460.JPG


While the numbers evaded us, we ended with a small count of quality fish. Started at 6:40 with bait collection then moved to fishing, with a little fella coming aboard after a short time. IMG_0466.JPG

However from then it was probably two hours until our next bass, the long break only split by my first forky. The young bloke landed a quality 50 after thinking he was bricked, the "snag" took off and not long after, Mr Bass greeted his captain.


Another stint of quiet time, then between the three of us we landed a couple of fish ranging from 15-30cm. IMG_0474.JPG

Tika's first time freshwater fishing did not disappoint as she cast into the snags instead of beneath the boat, and pulled out an awesome 48!! Needless to say we were all pretty happy, and it was great to see her fight a decent fish. 13214777_1086109471450344_537782641_o.jpgIMG_0468.JPG

Ray apologised for the lack of fish after we finished up about 12:30 but with 7 bass (plus the ones we didn't get in the boat) and one forky, Tika and I were more than happy with our first NPD boat session and are ready and waiting to try again!! 

Thanks again Ray, was great to see how you do things.Can't wait for next time...

PS: The 48 and a smaller fish went down a treat!! Crumbed with salt and vinegar  :frantics:we failed to finish it between the four of us.13210934_1086109448117013_807478805_o.jpg13214548_1086109494783675_775650424_o.jpg

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2 hours ago, Angus said:

For me this report pretty sums up what AFO can and should be about. Well done on always shining the beacon Ray.


I'm relatively new to the forum, but it was great to be able to have the experience which wouldn't have happened without AFO... And Ray!

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