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Slow Day Offshore


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Headed out Saturday with Andrew, his dad Donald and my dad Ian for what we hoped would be a SE QLD coral trout session based on all the awesome reports from the crew at Noosa lately. It was a bit of a dud in the end and even all my mates up there who know the place backwards struggled to boat anything on their boats. The general assumption was with all the rain and the subsequent murkiness of the water in Laguna Bay the fish had shut down a bit.  

Dad did get the consolation grassy...


And I got a few juvenile Red Emps which has to be one of the prettiest fish out there.


There were a few other pickers not worth the mention but hey, that is fishing.

On the positive note it was an awesome test run for Andrews ( @Boydy) new boat. Cannot wait to hit 1770 in it later this year.



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