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Amity On Nth Stradie Week


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Just got back from our week on Stradie with a great bunch of blokes, we had 4 boats at the holiday house which is on over an acre of land and the house sleeps 15 people so plenty of room. We take advantage of the ferries winter specials trailers are free on the barge so getting our boats over there is only the price of the car, so we got over there last monday and settled in.



The 1st few days were forecast to be windy so we did a bit of sightseeing checking out the lakes and doing the gorge walk i never miss my sausage roll from the point lookout bakery either. A trip to the point lookout pub went down well as did the beer there as we looked over our fishing grounds that we woud get to soon enough to visit and pull some great fish from.


Wednesday we dropped the boats in to chase some squid locally but we could not find any so back to the ranch for drinks instead, thursday we dropped the boats in again to chase some snapper and mackerel in the bay as the swell was still up. Duncan did well here and pulled 8 school mackerel with Andrew as his deckie back to the ranch again to fillet and drinks again.


Friday we got 2 boats offshore and i headed for the livie grounds then on to my fishing spot where we anchored and set a slimie mackerel under a float and a yakka on the bottom then we all floatlined for reefies. After a short while the slimie went off and the reel screamed in to life it was a 1st blistering run and it was followed by a few more solid runs i could feel this was a big fish. After some fast runs the fish settled in to channeling below the boat using its size to stalemate the fight and shaking its head violently, soon it came in to sight and a few tense moments later with the fish shaking its head hard the gaff found its mark on a solid spanish mackerel.




The fishing went quiet for a while so we made the call to try a bit deeper and drift some marks while floatlining for snapper and pearlies where we managed 8 snapper and 1 pearlie, we then called it a day and headed back. Julian did well in his boat as well getting some nice reefies so the filleting table was full and many drinks had to be consumed to make the filleting easier. 


Saturday we went out again taking 3 boats this time and i did the reverse going deep 1st and getting some nice snapper up to 50cm before we moved down to anchor and float out baits for pelagics. We timed the anchoring for just before the turn of the tide and found Julian already there so we set up and it wasn't long before te 1st bait on the surface went off Lindsay manned the rod and battled a nice spanaird. The fish was boated and another bait was put out half a minute later it went off and Andrew manned the rod to battle another nice spanish and the bait was reset. Again a minute later the bait went off so it was my turn and i boated another nice spanish before it was Lindsay turn again as you guessed another bait went off and our 4th spanish was boated. This mad run of spanairds happened within half an hour it was an intense fishing session that was over as quick as it started mackerel mania indeed.


Julian was going well next door boating a spanish 1 kingie and a big assortment of reefies he was getting blown away by many kingies As soon as he dropped a livie to the bottom. If i only knew he had run out of livies i would have shot some over to him as we had plenty Of them in the live bait tank.


Fishing went quiet after this so we turned our boats for home it is only a short run home as soon as you are over the bar the ramp comes in to view and we are back at the house minutes later. We did a few pictures before settling around the fillleting table knives and beers in hand what a great combination we managed to finish all the filleting without any pain inflicted.




The next day was windy so we had a good day to clean up before we caught the barge home the following day and another great week on Stradie was over until next year .

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7 hours ago, Angus said:

Cracking report. Just missed you over there this weekend!

Looks sensational though and as an annual event definitely one I aim to attend!

Accommodation looks bloody brilliant for this sort of thing as well.




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Nice work tugger and the rest of the gang. That sounds like an unreal Spanish session. And looks like you all got a good feed of fish. We got bit off a few times on that Friday when we saw you at the Rock so I knew those mackerel were around. 

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16 hours ago, Luvit said:

Enjoyable read as usual Mark. Going on the size of Spanish you are getting you need a longer brag mat!

A week of R & R with friends sounds like a fantastic way to relax.


I will have to stich to mats together

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