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Politian Bass NPD 9/1/17


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The bass at NPD are like a politician . Never around when you need them. :-\
I have been telling Catherine how good the fishing at npd is for quite a while and finally got to take her there today.
3 Forkies and 12 bass.
Percy enjoyed the forkies.He must have been hungry as he was waiting at the ramp and escorted us all morning.
 At least Catherine caught 10 of the bass whilst I was the forky king.
Catherine is a keen birder and was very interested in the variety of birds on NPD and was very impressed in she size of the flocks of shags.
Did you know that there are 9 different shags there.?
Pelicans only steal fish from only one type of shag.

A shag is a shag is a shag!!!!!!! ;D
Water will only have to drop about 4 inches and we will be able to drive to the other side and launch off the old gravel ramp. It is a real pain at the moment retrieving off the side of the old roadway as there is 6 feet of water under the end of the trailer.



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