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Hinze Stuff Up.


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I had arranged to take terrova and mark to the hinze.  today with confirmation pm as to which arm to be sent. After speaking to Mark and deciding that the eastern arm would be the go I then composed a pm to Terrova and being a d!khed did not send it.


Only realized my mistake this morning at 5.30 so only Mark ended up coming.

 We launched at around 6am and headed over to the blue bunyip where we pulled 15 bass before running out of the few shrimp that I had brought along.

We then did the shrimp traps and moved around trying a few spots. Only a few at the tomato soup tree ( Mark caught the fish of the day 48cm bass there)

Found another good tree ( named Helgas tree) where we finished the day off.

Final score 42 bass and 2 tandans with several bass over 45cm.

Just done a big crawl to Terrova and we are going to western arm in the morning.so hope we can find some bass there.



DSCN0796 (640x480).jpg





DSCN0803 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0804 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0805 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0806 (640x480).jpg

DSCN0808 (640x480).jpg

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