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Stolen Boat - Kenmore Area


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G'day guys, 


Its been a while since I've posted on here, life and circumstances have changed so I don't get to wet a line too much anymore. Some of the older members might remember my tales, however this post is not about me. 


A mate from work had his boat stolen from Kenmore yesterday during daylight hours. Its a sea jay 435sp centre console with a 40HP Yamaha 2 stroke. Boat and Motor both circa 2006. The boat has a Hummingbird 798cx side imaging/gps combo. A fair whack of fishing gear was also taken with it. 


The boat has a couple of distinguishing features, it used to have a t-top that was taken off, but the stainless steel frame is still there at about 1500mm high around the centre console.

Also the electric motor plate on the bow was added later in life, so it stands out pretty obviously. (Please see attached pics)



If you guys wouldn't mind keeping an eye out that would be great, the bloke is insured but he really just wants his boat back. 

If anyone happens to find any info on this boat, please pm me


Kind Regards, 



Work Pictures 040.jpg


Work Pictures 570.jpg

Work Pictures 559.jpg

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10 minutes ago, Drop Bear said:

Mongrels! What is wrong with these people. 

I am looking for a center console like that one so am looking at all the for sale sights. I will keep an eye out and post or PM if I see it. 

That is low. Boats are so unique these days after they have been owned a while it is a wonder they can get away with this.

Incidentally Rob that would meet all your needs with a big enough motor and a leccy. Bay, estuary and group.

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