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Mud Island 4/3/17


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Not much to report from this morning! 

The other boat that came out with us had electrical issues so our 5am launch time plus the delay meant we weren't fishing until 6:30. 

Last month I bought some Octopus Hooks 3/0 off ebay. Usually I buy the Musted Penetrator 3/0 Octopus hooks but they're crazy expensive. 
However these new hooks are absolute sh*thouse. Not only is the wire a much heavier gauge, they dont appear to have been chemically sharpened even though they advertise they they have... We lost a couple of good fish because of them. Not only did we hook up less, when we did latch onto a fish, on many cases they would have a short fight, some pulling drag, and then nothing! I lost a 40cm tusky (and my first in the bay) boatside because it rolled over and the hooks were never set properly! Nevertheless we managed to have a good time and this fish of Tikas will provide us with some Thai Fishcakes for dinner. Haven't eaten a Morwong before but we will fry a small bit to see if it really tastes as bad as they say... 


Blue Morwong.jpg


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