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Dodgy Mechanic Warning


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Hey guys and gals 

thought I would share with you a lesson I've just learnt 

i recently had my boat 'worked on' by a guy who looked like he has reasonable reviews in the tweed region

simple task, disconnect my pre mix oil for my 2 stroke and allow me to pre mix

well after nearly choking my neighbours to death and really poor engine performance I took my boat back to John Crawford marine to get it looked at properly 

Oil system wasn't actually disconnected, only the bar that dictates the oil mix value (25:1/50:1) was removed

not only was I pre mixing but the engine was still feeding in an unknown amount of oil.

my laziness of not taking the bot back to the regular maintainer cost me a reasonable Sum of $$$$ (not looking forward to the minister of finance finding out how much I spent)

the guys name is Paul and his number ends in 285

Never cheap out on you maintenance as boats are just not forgiving






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