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A Bit Of Success For A Change!


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I was talking with a mate yesterday and I said it's been a while since I targeted the humble flathead. So he said “let's go tomorrow” so I said “ok”.

He was telling me that his last flathead session last week consisted of 27 of the brown flat things between 45-65cm!! Today wasn't quite the same but we got 6 legals in about an hour and dropped many more. I kept 3 for dinner and we released the rest.

Having released a few I was getting a bit bored of the monotony so we went out into the bay to hopefully take the fillet off a mackerel or two. We tried for a bit until I remembered that I put only a 10l jerry can into my empty tank of fuel, so thought it was probably best to head home.


Snapchat-1296278077.thumb.jpg.43262de5108ef21657cddea3dc7aaf18.jpgPumped for upcoming trip with Luvit on Tuesday. Weather please be nice.

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3 hours ago, samsteele115 said:

Don't need fuel to target flatties! So I didn't bother filling up and having extra sitting in the tank while we are away. 

Not the first time though lol

Best to keep it full while away for only 2 weeks. Less chance of condensation forming in the tank if it's full. Because air carries water which can condense if there is a cool temperature change overnight. Like when you see moisture in the inside of a wind screen. 

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