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Hard Yakka At Hinze.


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4 of us went to the western arm this morning..


The dam is at 101%.

Made our pots hard to find with only a couple above the water.


Tai and mark made a great recovery team with Mark ducking down and untieing ropes and Tai being anchor man.




Had to censor a couple of photos due to excess plumbers crack.

We could see the ropes about 2 feet under the water but mark was unable to reach some of them and Tai just made rude remarks when it was suggested that he should be doing it as he was taller and would have been able to reach them. We will just have to wait till the dam drops to recover the missing ones.

It was 8 oclock by the time we finished mucking around and relocating pots so we then tried to find the bass whoe were playing hide and seek. We found a few in some of the submerged gullys . We just cruised along the bank till we could see a gully running into the waterand tried the spot.


We ended up running out of bait and a tally of 25 bass which was pretty poor considering that there was 4 of us fishing.Best bass 46cm







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