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Rous Channel At Low Tide?


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My brothers and I are looking at heading offshore Sat morning through SPB. I haven't been to the Rous Channel at all, can anyone confirm that you can pass all the way through to the SPB area on a low tide (Sat is 0.67m). Not totally sure what time we're looking at yet (may be taking 1-2 kids) but it will be somewhere around the low or up to an hour afterwards. Were thinking we'd launch at Manly and head through the Rous rather than heading down around Peel and up the Rainbow.

Any thoughts? Anyone else heading out?

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Cheers Mark, I'll take another look today and decide with my brothers. Possibly go out your way and then back in via the Rous with the (faint) hopes of finding a couple of mackerel on the way back in. Forecast has changed a little over the last 36 hours - was looking mint but still very doable and keen to get out there :) You getting out there again soon mate?


Reply below from @aussie123 for future reference for others:

Not a problem getting through there Kelvin.

Just be very careful of the sand banks and follow the channel markers precisely and you will be fine.

Normally the lower tides make the sand banks easier to see but I am not sure how dirty the water is through there atm but if it is dirty, it may be harder to see the banks unless there is a bit of chop on the water.

I hate the Rous, you drive for ages and end up just about where you came from,lol

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